Monday, November 1, 2010

Midterm Election Thoughts (Or Lack Thereof)

Here it is—the long-awaited (I assume) What I Think of the Tea Party article. Well, naturally, I think they're a bunch of racist homophobes who don't know what they're complaining about and don't have any real solutions.

Oh, wait—that's what the liberal media tells me I should think. Or maybe it's what the conservative media tells me the liberal media tells me I should think. I can't keep track anymore.

So what's left when you look past the mountain of nonsense about these people being hateful idiots, and the adjacent mountain of nonsense about them being patriotic freedom-fighters? I don't know—not much, as far as I can tell. They say a lot of the right things,[1] and they say a lot of the wrong things,[2] and I can't think of anything to say about them that hasn't been said elsewhere.

For all the reasons mentioned on this blog (and then some), I have little to no confidence in Republicans. Granted, these particular Republicans insist they'll do things differently, which is nice, but I'm not holding my breath.[3] Still, godspeed, you noble outsiders. I look forward to watching you find fascinating new ways to screw things up.

Meanwhile, I'll be voting for Side of Hash Browns:

1. Hope and change—keep it vague enough, and it's the perfect all-purpose political credo.
2. Virtually everything they've said about immigration, for example.
3. Like most humans, I lack the lung capacity to hold my breath for more than a few minutes, much less several months.


  1. I want to go back in time and vote for side of hashbrowns!

  2. Hey, there's always 2012.

    I really did write in Side of Hash Browns for House of Representatives, because I couldn't stand any of the candidates. It's a protest vote that nobody will ever bother to count, which strikes me as kind of sad.